Ratchet, please.

Only concentrate on his legs, looks like he is dancing.


Ratchet, please.

Only concentrate on his legs, looks like he is dancing.


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If you still write wanna try those minifics: Swerve & Skids - "sharing a moment in the bar"


Why is my minific 400 words long? Anyway, Skids/Swerve silliness because I needed this.

Skids enters the bar, a grin on his face and order already on his vocal components even as the door just finishes opening. His yellow optics lock on the sweet little bartender immediately, and his grin widens.

Swerve smiles in return. The theoretician stops, because that’s a smile and not a grin, and with Swerve there’s a significant distinction between those two.

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Transformers Spotlight - Hoist


party tits

or ‘what if Whirl shot party streamers out of his guns’



Somebody halfly pointed this out to me, but I never realized before that the baton/spear that Spinister uses is his fucking wings. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that’s metal as fuck.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love Spinister even more.


I was aksed to draw Rodimus in that outfit. No regrets!


What I am still trying to figure out guys is if Point-One percenters are supposed to be such a rare find and a significant part of the whole ideals behind sparks is that, if Megatron is indeed one given his lack of batch code and that he keeps avoiding to talk about it, why was he a Manual Laborer, one of the lowest of the low, to begin with? Wouldnt such rare subjects be provided a more.. important role in the society?

MyObsessionsAndLoves gave me an answer which is intriguing: It all comes back to the functionists. And given Josh Burcham’s cover of The Authenticator coming up in MTMTE soon, i really hope that we shall find out.

An interesting answer that i received to this topic over my page on FB: